3 year old current design, new music files uploded

2007. 11. 30.
Today is November 30, Lucy Maud Montgomery was born on this day - 133 years ago. Some old Avonlea.hu visitors might know that this date is more than LMM's birthday. ;) Six years ago, on November 30, 2001 the second version of Avonlea.hu was released including a forum and lots of new stuff. Then three years later, on November 30, 2004 another design was released, this was the third version of this website, which is the current design.

Now I have not made a brand new version but I did some smaller changes and added 2 things which are worth mentioning.

Since ages I would have liked to put some music "behind" the website which could be running in the background but there were technical difficulties with this idea. A few weeks ago I did some searches. First I thought I could do it now but I had to realise that current technology is still not enough... So I could not add music to the entire page that can be played in the background during browsing the site (I did not give it up ;) ) but I uploaded some music files to Multimedia/Sounds pages and those pages (RTA and Anne music) got an embedded music player application. So you do not need to have a standalone music player, you can use this new one to play the music uploaded to Avonlea.hu. I uploded 5 tracks from the audio CD Winter Pleasures and 3 fragments from John Welsman's RTA CD. Winter Pleasure CD is not available in Sullivan Boutique anymore and unfortunately John Welsman's CD is available only as a gift to Season 6th DVD package but you can hear some of these tracks now on Avonlea.hu. I also added the music player to the page includes Anne music files.

Another new thing is an online store at Cafepress. I opened an online store there and I'm selling items with my photos taken this summer on the King Farm in Ontario and on PEI. You can purchase posters, postcards, magnets, calendars etc. from my photos. Some items have already been available but I'm going to upload some more ones later.

Statistics page of Avonlea.hu had been updated and the website got it's winter design.

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