Charity auction

During the last few years I have helped organize the Avonlea Conventions. The main event of each of our convention's last day was our charity auction. Organizers and attendees of AvCons have supported several American and Canadian organizations with the funds raised from these auctions. Buoyed by the auctions' successes, I thought of doing a fundraiser of my own, to raise money for a Hungarian charity.

The fundraiser ends after the holiday season, at the end of December; and I will donate the monies raised at the beginning of the new year.

The charity organization

Although every charity organization deserves the support, I wanted to find an organization with some connection to the spirit of in some way -- one with children or families as a main focus. I received some suggestions from Hungarian Avonlea fans but I was hoping to find a smaller charity who would need more help than a well-known one. Finally I found Szentei Óvodásokért Alapítvány (Foundation for the Kindergarten of Szente).


So far, I have donated five items, and a Hungarian fan has donated another item, a mousepad. All the items have gone on eBay, congratulation for the winners!

Results of the fundraiser

We gathered around $622! We got about $260 from my employer called Wildom Kft.. They were the most generous supporter of the fundraiser. I could raise about $180 on eBay with the auction items (the total income was $204 but eBay had a $24 cost). And visitors of donated about $180 too. Thank you very much for every supporter!