Maud and Kevin

Who are these two great persons? It is indisputable that two very talented individuals managed to form a duo. For this production an idyllic, beautiful place was needed with simple, natural, friendly, heartwarming people. This was Prince Edward Island and village of Avonlea. Besides some funny, instructive, entertaining, simple countryside stories were needed also. These ones were from Anne of Green Gables with its other adventures by Lucy Maud Montgomery. And we needed a talented, young director, who screened Anne professionally, then adopted a story based on Montgomery's novels, which was new but holding on to its basis in several connections. It was Kevin Sullivan. In my humble opinion there are few directors who can reproduce on screen the original books in such a good way. We have to say thank you to Kevin Sullivan and Lucy Maud Montgomery for this fantastic work. Sullivan discovered Montgomery with a very good experience. Other works of Montgomery were filmed also but these were not as successful as Anne and Road to Avonlea. This fact proves that a good novel is not enough. An expert director and professional actors and actresses are also needed for adapting novels for the screen. Let's get to know this two amazing persons: Lucy Maud Montgomery and Kevin Sullivan without whom the world will be needy, I think.
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Lucy Maud Montgomery Kevin Sullivan