This game is the classic Make-a-match memory game with using a background. There are several background images available, and one image will be selected randomly for being background of the game. You can turn up the cards in pairs. If the 2 cards you've just turned up match, these ones will be disappeared, if not, they will turn back. Time elapsing and number of turnings are counted. The last best result will be stored in the browser /best one is that game which has the fewest turning-number/. If every card disappears, the whole image behind the cards will be visible and the clock will stop counting.

You can choose from 2 levels: easy and hard. In the easy version you should find 18 pairs of cards, in the hard version there are 35 pairs. The number of turns and the elapsed time during the game will constitute a score. The less this score, the better your result. The best 20 players are qualified for the TOP20.

If you would like to enter to the TOP-list with your scores, you need to login with your username to the site. If you do not have any login name and do not like to register, you can play the game but your scores will not be entered to the TOP-list.

To start the game just click on the easy version link or the hard version link.
Attention! Game will appear in a pop-up window. The game will NOT work if pop-up windows are disabled in your browser. In this case you need to enable them.