Characters, cast

Sara Stanley (Sarah Polley)
Sara Stanley After her mother's untimely death she lived with his father in luxury in Montreal, and travelled around the world. She has to move to Prince Edward Island to her mother's relatives for a while because of the scandal around her father. Although she would like to move back to Montreal, she comes back to the Island after her father's death. In the beginning she has difficulties in adapting herself to the new surroundings, then she becomes a key person of the life of Avonlea. Sara is probably the most lovely, the prettiest character of the series. She would like to help everybody, and she really tries to help, so she gets into trouble often. However she clashes with Aunt Hetty frequently, after a time she considers her as her mother, and Hetty brings up Sara as her child. Sara is the main character of the series in the beginning, but at the end, she leaves the Island and goes to Paris for learning.
Hetty King (Jackie Burroughs)
Hetty King Aunt Hetty is the head of the family, the eldest of the Kings. She has a busy role in the life of Avonlea, she is the teacher of the public school, and one of the main characters of the community life. Several villagers think she is a heartless, strict persona, but actually she has a very big heart, she helps other people if she can. She is a little rigid, stubborn, maintains the respectabilities, traditions, stands on ceremony, and keeps her ground anytime, anything happens. She is a classical spinster. After Olivia's childbearing, Hetty gives up her career to help her sister in child rearing, and try herself as a writer.

R.I.P. Jackie Burroughs
Alec King (Cedric Smith)
Alec King Hetty's eldest brother, owner of the King-farm, father of 4 children. He is the dad in Avonlea. He is a farmer and a warm-hearted father in one person. Like Hetty Alec is also an important member of the community of Avonlea. He is not afraid if he has to do something for the village or a villager. Alec is not as rigid as Hetty, he listens to his heart mostly, and does not care about other people's requirements. He is Gus' another patron beside Hetty.
Olivia King Dale (Mag Ruffman)
Olivia King She is the youngest King-girl in the family. Olivia is a little featherbrain, sometimes a dreamer, but a very happy, cheery, charitable creature. With her cheerfulness, irresponsibility she is totally the opposite of Hetty, so she regularly has to spar to Hetty. Olivia works as a journalist at Avonlea Chronicle, later she leads the cannery with Jasper. She demonstrates to her sister that she can cope with motherhood when she gives birth to a wonderful little boy.
Janet King (Lally Cadeau)
Janet King Alec King's wife, typical housewife and matron, mother of 4 children. She gives up her whole life to her family and children. Mostly she is a quiet voiced creature, although she lifts up her voice against Hetty sometimes. Similar to her relatives she also an efficient member of the Avonlea life, she is an active member of several women societies, community events. However she is in the background mostly, in one episode she joins to the suffragettes, and she fights for women's rights.
Felicity King (Gema Zamprogna)
Felicity King She is the eldest King-child. At the beginning she is the opposite of Sara because she is egocentric, pompous, and has a nasty attitude. Felicity can't stand that her younger cousin is more learned and has sophistication. Afterwards she comes round and finds out that nobody is perfect, so she becomes Sara's best friend. Felicity is also impressed by Gus Pike. First she despises the boy because of his origin, then she falls in love with him. Cecily's disease makes her study medicine, but then she does not graduate from medical school. Rather she founds a foundling home in Avonlea to help children lost their family. In the last episode she is a responsible young woman, and Gus' worthy partner when they get married.
Felix King (Zachary Bennett)
Felix King Felicity's eldest brother, he is the funniest person in the family. He gets in trouble often because of his thoughtlessness and irresponsibility. Felix is a classical naughty brother, he always kids his sisters, especially Felicity. He loves his stomach, loves eating. His robust appetite gets him into the kitchen of the White Sands Hotel, then he becomes the manager's personal assistant which is a responsible job. Felix is a real enterprising man, he makes the best of everything if it runs around money. He is Sara's best friend and pander in every ruction. Around the ending of the series Felix starts to inquire about the pretty Izzy. First a friendship grows up between the 2 young people, the he falls in love with Izzy.
Cecily King (Harmony Cramp, Molly Atkinson)
Cecily King (fiatalabb) Cecily King (idsebb) Cecily is the opposite of Felix. She is a really sweet, cute, blonde young girl, who almost never gets into trouble, if and only if her siblings fool herself into. She never snivels, talks a very few, but smiles a lot. Cecily stays in the background under the first seasons. When she gets tuberculosis and has to go to sanatorium, a new actress gets her character. The older Cecily has main role in the sanatorium and she does not draw back in the latter episodes either.
Gus Pike (Michael Mahonen)
Gus Pike Gus Pike spent the bigger part of his life by sea, he travelled around the world. When his ship docks in Avonlea, he gets to know the Kings on the first day. Felicity takes the fancy of the handsome boy at first glance. Gus doesn't want to sail more, so he gets a job in the cannery, and controls the lighthouse. He makes friends with Sara and the King-children very soon. Aunt Hetty attracts the attention of the brainy but illiterate young man, and takes him under her wings. She persuades Gus to go to school, and in a little while she makes a gentleman from Gus. Shortly Hetty gets a job in the hotel to the honest, straight boy who works hard. First Alec traverses making court to Felicity, then he gives his blessing to the young people. So after some tangles, Gus gets married to Felicity in the last episode.
Jasper Dale (R. H. Thomson)
Jasper Dale Jasper Dale is the shyest, the most reserved fellow in Avonlea. The dorky inventor doesn't like people, and the villagers laugh at him because of his stammer. Nevertheless Sara makes friends with the clever, handy young man, and persuades him to help in the community life of the town. By and by villagers of Avonlea accept, get to like Jasper, they recognize his skills. Olivia has a great role in making the others accept Jasper. The young lady sympathizes with Jasper, who always makes her laugh with his fumblings. Their friendship turns to love first, then to a marriage, so Jasper becomes a member of the King-family.