Happy Christmas, Miss King!

Aunt Hetty

The new Avonlea movie, Happy Christmas, Miss King was shown the first time on the CBC /Canadian Broadcast Channel/ on 13th December, 1998. Now it is available for purchase at Sullivan Boutiqe.

I have to say I am a little disappointed in this movie... I think I am not the one who feel this... No Gus, no Sara, no Izzy and even no Davey and Dora in this show. I missed the real Avonlea-feeling. But in spite of this I enjoyed forgetting monotony of the weekdays and seeing old friends again.

Short content:
Felix fights in World War with Elbert. Both of them are missing in action on battlefields of Europe. Bad news are shocked the King family but does not give up the hope to see Felix again. During this Aunt Hetty manages the Avonlea school as usual in her style. She prepares children for the Christmas celebration. She receives bad news as usual and does not worry about Felix. Olivia comes back to Avonlea with her children and without Jasper. She has a quarrel with Hetty immediately. Hetty King collapses with an unexpected health crisis, she has to stay in hospital, where she undergoes a surgery. Janet has been sorely tried by news of Felix's missing and can not accept this fact. At the end of the movie everything takes a turn for the better: Aunt Hetty's surgery is successful and Felix drops in unexpectedly to the Christmas dinner much to the delight of the King family.

We can find many old friends in this movie. Besides members of the King family Arthur Pettibone, Rachel Lynde and Mrs. Potts plays in this show. Unfortunately no Gus, no Sara, no Miss Stacy, no Jasper, no Davey.