The Avonlea Petition is over, John Welsman CD

Road to Avonlea Season 6 is available on DVD. You can get a CD contains music composed by John Welsman as part of the DVD package.

An online petition was started on in the beginning of 2002 for making Sullivan Entertainment to release Welsman's music on CD. This petition has been subscribed by 1108 fans. And now it seems our dream came true: the petition reached its purposes! Thank you to every fan who supported the petition. The DVD set is available in Sullivan Boutique. Currently John's CD will not be available on it's own, just as a promotional item with RTA 6.

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6 | storygirl85 07/18/2006 22:11
I love that John Welsman's music is finally available, but I am a college student and am financial unable to buy season six. I think it would be a tremendous hit if the CD were available without having to buy the season. It could still be an extra with the purchase of the season, but asking a customer to buy a season in order to get the CD is rediculous.
5 | Zsolt 05/26/2006 13:46
Reply to AvFan4vr (05/23/2006 16:17) 's comment:
I'm happy that you enjoy the music. She's Like the Swallow is awsome!
4 | AvFan4vr 05/23/2006 16:17
Reply to AvFan4vr (05/23/2006 16:17) 's comment:
I love the soundtrack. I have to "burned" to my computer so I don't have to keep on putting the cd in. I listen to it all the time.

"She's Like the Swallow" sung by Cherie Camp sent shivers down my spine.

Thank you so much for "running" the petition!
3 | Zsolt 05/18/2006 00:01
Reply to Sonya Lowe (05/17/2006 22:15) 's comment:
Yeah, the music is brilliant! Thanks for your warm words!
2 | Sonya Lowe 05/17/2006 22:15
Reply to Zsolt (05/17/2006 02:35) 's comment:
Awesome, Zsolt!! Thanks for all your hard work! I got my RTA pkg yesterday & listened to the CD this morning while getting ready for work. It was wonderful...
1 | Zsolt 05/17/2006 02:35
Reply to Zsolt (05/17/2006 02:35) 's comment:
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