Petition to Sullivan Entertainment

Avonlea Petition is over because it's reached its purposes!

If you do not know what Avonlea Petition is, read the purposes of Avonlea Petition.

The petition has reached its purposes after 4 years! The Sullivan Entertainment has released Road to Avonlea on DVD, you can find behind-the-scenes stuff on the DVDs too, but the most important thing: the CD contains John Welsman's music has been released!

Unfortunately you cannot purchase the CD because of copyright issues, but you can get it from Sullivan Entertainment if you purchase their brand new Season 6 DVD release. You can purchase RTA 6 Season with JW's music in Sullivan Entertainment's Boutique.

You can also purchase in the Boutique the first 6 seasons of the series on DVD.

John Welsman is autographing the CD the front of the CD folder folder back Kevin Sullivan's message about the music and the composer

I would like to say a BIG THANKS to the 1108 fans who had subscribed this petition. The list of subcribers are here, but petition subscription is over. Thanks for your participation!

Some parameters of subscribers' (names, country, etc.) have not been destroyed yet, but I deleted all the e-mail addresses and zip codes from the database. I will keep this page for a few more months, than I will destroy the entire database.

a devoted Avonlea fan

This page was updated on 17 May 2006.

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