Avonlea Convention 2004

AvCon 2004 (Avonlea Convention) was a conference by the fans, for the fans and was held on July 24-25, 2004 at Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto, Canada. About 40-50 fans from the US, Canada and Hungary, the head of Sullivan Entertainment, Kevin Sullivan, 3 actors from the cast, R. H. Thomson (Jasper Dale), Harmony Cramp (Cecily#1) and Michael Mahonen (Gus Pike) attended AvCon.

AvCon 2004 logo On the 2-days event we had panel discussions with the invited guests, a Magic Lantern Show, presented by Professor M. Lindsay Lambert of the Magic Lantern Society of Toronto, an Undressing History presentation on 19th century dress and customs, presented by Black Creek Pioneer Village and an auction of Anne/Avonlea goods and memorabilia. Our auctioneer was professional auctioneer Mike Matthews, who had also portrayed an auctioneer on two Road to Avonlea episodes (Aunt Abigail's Beau and Friends and Relations). AvCon supported 2 organizations with 800-800 USD from proceeds of the auction. These charities were Make-A-Wish Foundation, it had been devoted to making the wishes of terminally ill children within Canada come true and American Cancer Society, which was designed to call the attention of American people on cancer, and educate them on how to prevent it.

More information is available on the official AvCon Website and in the official AvCon Brochure.

After AvCon 2004 Kevin Sullivan sent a message to the AvCon committee about the event. It was a pleasure for him to participate and said thank you for the organization. He let the committee post his mail. So you can read his words here. Additionally you can find a short article about the convention at official website of Sullivan Entertainment. Ms. AvCon, also known as Shelly wrote a very detailed article about AvCon 2004. Please read it, it's worth. During Avonlea Convention, Krisztina (also known as Krisa) and me met several kind, friendly and nice people. We would like to say a very big thank you to these persons.

This webpage is a picture report about AvCon 2004 with hundreds of commented photos and some short videoclips. This report contains pictures from other places not only from AvCon, because I used my camera during the whole journey. ;-) However I take care of people's privacy, so if someone would not like to let me make his or her picture available on the Net, please drop me an e-mail, and I will remove the ominous image(s) from this site.

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