Some statistics can easily characterize a website. So you can find here some data about You may find them interesting.

General statistics

publishing date of versions
first version in English30 July, 1998
first version in Hungarian24 March, 1999
second version30 November, 2001
third version30 November, 2004
fourth version30 July, 2008

(The two tables below are regarding the period between 30 November, 2001 and 30 November, 2012. I have only estimates for the period between 30 July, 1998 and 30 November, 2001. I think 20-25 thousands of visitors visited this website during that 3 years. Other parameters are not interesting in this time.)

usage statistics
number of unique visitors591 thousands
number of page downloads7.8 million
number of hits73.4 million
downloaded files3008 gigabytes
file statistics
size of the site6.9 gigabytes
number of files>43 thousands
pictures from episodes~8500
number of videoclips~370

Statistics regarding registered visitors (daily update)

Number of registered visitors of the website: visitors.
Number of visitors who posted comment to the forum at least once: visitors.
Parameters of the TOP20 visitors and every visitor who posted comment(s) to the forum (you can order by number of comments or activity by clicking on the link of the proper column):