Added Bonus Features for Road to Avonlea - a petition to Sullivan Entertainment

A RTA fan, Brian Wilson ( started a petition. It's purpose to make Sullivan Entertainment to release a DVD exclusively dedicated to bonus Road to Avonlea footage. If you agree with the petition, please sign it at

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3 | Lady Bug 10/04/2006 20:50
Reply to License (10/02/2006 20:38) 's comment:
Oh, I hope they can provide a little of each, at least. Sure you would think they could provide a lot but I do understand they must get permission first. But oh, it would be neat to have a whole dvd of nothing but special features!! Instead of having the reg.4 dvd's in season 7 they would have 5 or 6!! That would be asome. I mean they provided us with plenty to watch and laugh at in Anne of Green Gables, outtakes, interviews, auditions, deleted scenes, etc. So, I do hope they will give our little selves more to see and enjoy. You would think they would surprise us seeing how season 7 is the last of the seasons!!
2 | License 10/02/2006 20:38
Reply to Zsolt (10/01/2006 16:49) 's comment:
I think it is a grand idea to have bonus footage added on to the Road To Avonlea series. In doing so, fans that may raise questions in regards to certain episodes could obtain various answers. Also, it would be cool to have a trivia game added to the DVD series as well. DVD entertainment interaction is the new wave of the future!

1 | Zsolt 10/01/2006 16:49
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