Interview with composer John Welsman

After several months and years another dream of mine has come through. I could successfully make an interview with my favourite composer, John Welsman. You can find the detailed interview here.

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5 | Zsolt 07/29/2008 01:38
Reply to Kittyh (06/24/2008 00:42) 's comment:
Hi Kitty,

Sorry for the delayed answer... I've just noticed you commented this post. Thanks for the warm words. You know how much I love John and his work! I'm really proud of this interview.

And yes, Kevin is on my list. Hahaha!
4 | Kittyh 06/24/2008 00:42
Reply to Kittyh (06/24/2008 00:42) 's comment:
Hi Zsolt,

Sorry about the delay in posting. I had to register ... again

I just read the John Welsman interview. Good questions, my friend, and very good answers. This may sound silly , but I could "hear" John's voice as I read his answers. Perhaps, because we have met him so many times at AvCon?

I find all of John's Avonlea music perfect for the show, and, as you know, my favorite piece of music is "Gus's Song"

It was a nice touch, posting a photo of you and John together - it adds a personal touch to the inverview. LOL, your next interview should be with Kevin Sullivan, eh?

Great job, keep up the good work!

3 | Zsolt 06/08/2008 19:54
Reply to Sonya Lowe (06/04/2008 20:04) 's comment:
Thank you, Sonya!
2 | Sonya Lowe 06/04/2008 20:04
Reply to Zsolt (06/04/2008 19:13) 's comment:
Zsolt!!! I loved the John Welsman interview. It is fantastic!!! I love John Welsman. He is so awesome and your interview gave us so much new information that I never knew before--THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are awesome, too
1 | Zsolt 06/04/2008 19:13
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