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A few fans may remember that there was an Avonlea CD in the past made by me. This was an unofficial one made from saved and collected Avonlea websites, stuff several years ago. It was also a prize in some games on this website. :) Recently somebody searched for an old and no longer reachable webpage on the Avonleavillage mailing list and a friend of mine mentioned that the site was available on my CD. So I decided to publish this CD, make it downloadable for anybody through Avonlea.hu. Some old or new fans may be interested in these websites made 10-12 years ago. Lots of them were disappeared from the Internet some years ago. I do have an old version of Sullivan Entertainment website too. :)

These websites are not mine but they were available for anybody through the Internet before. If a website owner does not like to let me publish his or her website here, just drop me an e-mail. In this case I will remove the affected website from here. There are lots of broken links on these websites, please do not report them as errors.

The CD is available here.

455 megabytes data, about 50 websites, lots of pictures, videos, mailinglist archives. Happy browsing! :)

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