RTA Season 7 DVD set is available for preorder!

RTA Season 7 DVD is available for preorder in Sullivan Boutique. Shipping will start from March 2. Sullivan offers a special Behind the Scenes Souvenir brochure, a Photo Gallery Souvenir DVD with soundtrack and landscapes and souvenir moments of the cast and the locations as extras to the DVD package. Check it out and order now!

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5 | Miss Hetty King 06/19/2007 23:12
That's really great news!

But, unfortunately, because of finacial situation in my country, I just can't afford online ordering any RtA DVD, but hope day I'll be able to.
4 | License 01/31/2007 01:26
Reply to muppets123 (01/26/2007 19:25) 's comment:
It's about time! lol Thanks for the info... I am tickled pink over the arrival of RTA season 7...
3 | hobbie 01/27/2007 20:07
Reply to Zsolt (01/26/2007 01:19) 's comment:
I'm very glad to hear,I hope that there will be good special features on this one
2 | muppets123 01/26/2007 19:25
Reply to Zsolt (01/26/2007 01:19) 's comment:
I am sure many people will be saying its about time.

Actually tho i am happy that it is arrived
1 | Zsolt 01/26/2007 01:19
Reply to Zsolt (01/26/2007 01:19) 's comment:
What's your opinion regarding this piece of news?