LMM's birthday, Avonlea.hu's birthday

Today is Lucy Maud Montgomery's birthday, she would be 132 years old if she is still alive.

And today is the birthday of second and third reborn of Avonlea.hu too. 5 years ago on 2001 November 30 Avonlea.hu got a face-lift, second version of the website had been launched with new features as forum; then Avonlea.hu started to grow and now the website is one of the biggest Avonlea related fan sites with huge content; its size is over 3 gigabytes. Then, 3 years later, on 2004 November 30 Avonlea.hu renewed again and got the current design.

Some statistics related to the website: during 5 years over 260 thousands of unique visitors visited the website and generated almost 4 million page downloads, downloaded about 600 gigabytes of data. The website has over 2100 registered visitors, over 500 people posted to the forum and sent over 35 thousands of posts.

Thank you very much for your continuous interes in my website!

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6 | Zsolt 01/26/2007 01:26
Reply to Sonya Lowe (01/24/2007 22:47) 's comment:
5 | Sonya Lowe 01/24/2007 22:47
Reply to Sonya Lowe (01/24/2007 22:47) 's comment:
Great job on your website!
4 | License 12/29/2006 21:08
Reply to Zsolt (12/01/2006 11:22) 's comment:
You're very welcome! I am just happy to be a part of this RTA community! I love it here!
3 | Zsolt 12/01/2006 11:22
Reply to License (12/01/2006 00:29) 's comment:
Thanks, License!
2 | License 12/01/2006 00:29
Reply to Zsolt (11/30/2006 17:43) 's comment:
Happy Birthday LMM and congrats to Avonlea.hu on your continued success!
1 | Zsolt 11/30/2006 17:43
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