Send a postcard!

Send a virtual Avonlea-postcard to a friend, a relative, a penpal!

Choose a picture, then write your e-card. The recipient will get a notification of your message, and your message will be available through this page. It is important to enter the recipient's e-mail address correctly, otherwise the notification cannot reach its destination. If you would like to get a notification when your message is picked up, you should enter your own e-mail address as well. All the e-mail addresses are checked, invalid addresses (bad syntax, unknown host in e-mail) are filtered out.

The e-cards are stored for 30 days. During this time they can be viewed anytime with the code received by the recipient. After deadline postcards are deleted! Before deletion postcards are available for saving. During saving an image file is created which includes the postcard with details of the sender and the recipient and the sending date. The name of the image also contains the sending date, so it is easy to save and store postcards in separate image files. If the recipient does not check his or her postcard in 2 weeks, another notification is sent. The sender will also get a notification of this action.

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