Pictures from the Avonlea Album

These images are from the Avonlea Album picture book. This is a beautiful book including pictures from the first 2 seasons. You can purchase it from online bookstores. (Just click on the images to get full size ones. More information here.)

Avonlea Album Avonlea Album the cannery Avonlea Album the orchard Rose Cottage the general store road to Avonlea Rose Cottage Sara driving inshore Sara at her mother's grave the King farm the orchard Rose Cottage Rose Cottage Avonlea Avonlea Rose Cottage running running running having a tea old Lady Lloyd Alexander Abraham Sara and the pig on the shore Aunt Hetty is having a bath Hetty and Romney Avonlea school children in the fields reaping Davey on the hayloft the King farm chasing geese Ezekiel Crane the lighthouse skating a lane in the forest skating with horse Sara winter night Janet in the kitchen winter scene