AvCon committee chair interview

Avonlea Convention is coming so I made an interview with the AvCon committee chair, the fearless leader, Ruth Williams. You can find it here.

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3 | Sonya Lowe 08/27/2007 03:57
Thanks Zsolt for a great interview about Ruth, the awesome AvCon committee chairperson. She has done a wonderful job leading the fantastic AvCon committee!! Thank you so much, Ruth. There would have been no AvCon without you.
2 | hobbie 07/13/2007 19:09
Reply to Zsolt (07/13/2007 00:51) 's comment:
I must admire Ruth Williams for organisating such an event.I hope she stays on doing it so we all can have a change of joining a convention.
Thanks Ruth and keep up the good work!
Thanks Zsolt for sharing the interview with us!
1 | Zsolt 07/13/2007 00:51
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