Switch to Firefox!

When I redesigned Avonlea.hu it was a main consideration to make a website which compatible with all browsers as far as possible. In spite of all my effort, the widespread Microsoft® Internet Explorer® browser version 6.0 does not render this site as I wish, and as it should render if it follows web standards... (IE 7.0 is better then 6.0 a little but it also has problems with the standards.)

Get Firefox! When I made this site lots of annoyance, extra work and energy caused by making allowance for Internet Explorer used by most of the netsurfers... Lots of people think that browser is the best browser ever... but they are wrong, because IE is the most out-of-dated, anachronistic, worst browser in the world, and it barely cares about standards. And do not forget to mention the fact, that hundreds or thousands of viruses, computer worms, malicious softwares exploit hidden security holes in this browser from day to day... All those surfers using this browser expose their computer and all the data (including their very sensitive information) storing on a PC to a potential danger... So personally I am not recommend Internet Explorer for webbrowsing. If you do not believe me, read some articles about disadvantages of IE and benefits of Firefox.

Try Firefox browser instead.