Micheal Mahonen - Gus Pike
Since Micheal Mahonen left Avonlea in the 5th Season (1993-4)  Micheal has been doing all types of acting.  Currently living in Canada Micheal, 36, has done both Canadian and American, TV, MOVIES, and THEATRE.
"Realizing that his character would best suit the production in a more limited capacity, Mahonen left the show and moved to Los Angeles, returning for occassional episodes."
[" I thought it was best to only come back periodically which is the wat rhe character was originally written,"  he says.  "I think that's ideal because there is a mystery about Gus Pike that needs to be maintained for the integrity of the character.  I'd also like to be free to do other projects in theatre, film and television."
                                                                         Winter 1995/98 Avonlea Traditions Chronicle
Latest MM News: Canadian, British, and Radio listeners in some parts of the Northern United States will be happy to learn that Michael Mahonen will be starring in the "Red Badge of Courage" a radio presentation airing on CBC Radio 1 and 2 March 25, and 26, and the BBC April 15, 21. For more information and specific air times email me at: crisco360@hotmail.com
FILMOGRAPHY - Courtesy of the IMDB

1. An Intrigue of Manners (2000) ... Dorimant
2. Happy Christmas Miss King (1998) Archive Footage
3. Captured (1998)... Joey Breed
4. The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios... Paul
5. Collateral Damage (1993).... Nick
6. By Way Of the Stars (1992)... Ben Davis
7. Giant Steps (1992)... Avro Leek
8. Personal Effects (1992)... Phillip
9. Conspiracy of Silence (1991)... Lee Cogan
10. Road to Avonlea (1990) ... Gus Pike

TV Appearances

1. A Peoples History of Canada (2000)
2. Strong Medicine (2000)
3. True Stories (  )
4. Addriene Clarkson Presents (   )
5. Viper (1996)
6. Star Trek Voyager (1995)
7. Secret Service (  )
8. Top Copps (1990)
9. Jimmy Sue (   )
10. Katts and Dog (1988)

Theatre  (thanks to My Michael Mahonen Site.)

1. Biloxi Blues
2. Bordertown Cafe
3. Salt Water Moon
4. Sled (1997)
5. Not About Heros  (1996)
6. D Street and Broadway
7. I Had A Job I like Once
8. Julius Ceasar
9. The Miracle Worker
10. Hamlet
11. Plague Love
12. A Sleep of Prisoners
13. A Flea in her Ear
14.  Our Town
15. 'Tis a Pity She's A Whore

From top left to bottom right:  Michael as Hamlet, Michael in Bordertown Cafe, in Secret Service, in Captured, in TV's Star Trek Voyager, in Viper, in Salt Water Moon, and Micheal in Conspiracy of Silence.
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