Road To Avonlea's Memorable Characters


Name and Location:

The King Family and Extended Family - Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Hobbies and Interests:

Farming, Running a Cannery, Writing, Tending a Lighthouse and Foundling Home

This is a collection of biographies of the characters who make up "Avonlea". I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed making it!


Alec King (Cedric Smith):

Alec is the husband of Janet King and the father of Felicity King-Pike, Felix King, Cecily King, and Daniel King. He is the brother of Hetty King, Roger King, the late Ruth King-Stanley, and Olivia King-Dale. He is a farmer and a devoted husband. A ma n full of honor, kindness, and family pride.
All Alec has ever wanted to do is tend to the farm his father left him and raise a family. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to a friend in need.


Janet King (Lally Cadeau):

Janet is the wife of Alec King and the mother of Felicity King-Pike, Felix King, Cecily King, and Daniel King. Janet loves to be a homemaker. One of her favorite things to do is get up early in the morning and stick the rising bread dough into the oven and with a cup of tea watch the sun rise. She loves being the mother of her four children and always wants the best for them.


Hetty King (Jackie Burroughs):

Hetty is the leader of the King Clan. She is the sister of Alec King, Roger King, the late Ruth King-Stanley, and Olivia King-Dale. A woman who puts her family before anything. She has strong covictions about right and wrong and that comes out in her teaching. Her first loves are writing and teaching. She never married, but has had some wonderful romances over the years. She is a strong-minded woman with good intentions.


Olivia King-Dale (Mag Ruffman):

Olivia is the youngest of the Kings and has been dominated my her sister much of her life. She is the sister of Hetty King, Alec King, Roger King, and the late Ruth King-Stanely. She is the wife of Jaspar Dale and the mother of Montgomery Dale and Alec ia Cooper. She is a soft spoken person except for when she is pushed beyond her limits. Don't be fooled, she has as much King-get-up-and-go and the rest of them. She loves her husband and children dearly. Alecia was intrusted to her by a young woman who could not take care of her. They treat Alecia as their own.


Jasper Dale (R.H. Thomson):

Jasper Dale is the husband of Olivia King-Dale and the father of Montgomery Dale and Alecia Cooper. He used to be called the "Awkward Man" because of his severe stuttering and clumsiness then he met Olivia and things began to change. People began to no tice what a caring man he was and began to accept him. He owns the Dale Cannery and is an inventor who has worked in England for the Royal Society and has now accepted a permanent job there. He has come a long way.


Felicity King-Pike (Gema Zamprogna):

Felicity is the wife of Gus Pike and the daughter of Alec and Janet King. She is the eldest sister of Felix King, Cecily King, and Daniel King. Never has a more determined young lady been born! At the beginning she had the makings of a snob and a youn g Hetty, but things changed when a young sailor by the name of Gus Pike walked into her life when she was nearly fourteen. Over the next several years they fell in love and when she was nineteen and after Gus's third proposal the became engaged. What f ollowed was less than a story book. Gus's ship went down in a storm and all hands were lost. When Gus died so did Felicity. After over a year of grieving a man named Stuart comes into her life as a friend and he falls in love with her and she accepts his proposal of marriage. The Four days before they are to be married she recieves a telephone call that Gus is alive. The telephone is true, but one thing is not mentioned; Gus is blind. After much convincing he does come back to Avo nlea and finds out about Stuart. Stuart is not happy and lets Gus know it, but Felicity does decide to return Stuart's ring even though Gus broke off their own engagement. After an eye surgery Felicity marries a still blind Gus Pike, but she loves him more than anyone else. Felicity was a born homemaker and will probably go on to be a lot like her mother. She had a chance at teacher's college and medical school, but she would rather be alongside her husband.


Gus Pike (Michael Mahonen):

Gus Pike is the husband of Felicity King-Pike. His father is Captain Ezekial Crane and his mother is Eliza Pike. Gus has had far from an easy life as a sailor. His mother was taken from him at a young age and her evil husband, Abe, tried to raise Gus . Not even that could change this young man's perspective on life. He always had cheerful words come out of his mouth. His life really began to look up when he met the Kings and Felicity. Her love kept him in Avonlea. Only when he lost his eyesight did he began to look at what life was like for himself. After a while he finally accepted things and tried to get back to normal. Even though things will never be the same even if he did regain his eyesight, Gus will once again look at life the way h e used to. We were left with the impression that Gus still may regain his eyesight and be able to function.


Felix King (Zachary Bennett):

Felix King is the son of Alec and Janet King and the brother of Felicity King-Pike, Cecily King, and Daniel King. He is a headstrong young man with a knack for getting into mischief. As a child he enjoyed tormenting Felicity. When he began to get olde r he got a job at the White Sands Hotel which he loved. His father was not too thrilled because Felix did not want to keep the family tradition and have the farm willed to him. Eventually they settled things and he really began to move up in the hotel. At that same time, his relationship began to develope with his childhood friend Izzy Pettibone. They have had their disagreements, but we were left with the impression that they would eventually marry. At this time Felix began to realize that the hot el buisness was not for him and looked at other career options. He chose the navy. This is not for sure, but Felix probably went on to fight in World War 1.


Sara Stanley (Sarah Polley):

Sara is the daughter of the late Blair Stanley and the late Ruth King-Stanley. She is the neice of Hetty King, Alec King, Roger King, and Olivia King-Dale. She is the cousin of Felicity King-Pike, Felix King, Cecily King, Daniel King, Andrew King, Mon tgomery Dale, and Alecia Cooper. She is known by many as the Story Girl because of her story-telling talent. Sara is always willing to help and give advice. She is particulary known for helping Felicity out of scrapes when she was young. Sara has tra velled Europe and now attends school there. Her most recent return to Avonlea was for the wedding of her dear friends Gus and Felicity. She will probably visit every few years.


Izzy Pettibone (Heather Brown):

Izzy is the daughter of Clive Pettibone and his wife. She is the youngest of Arthur Pettibone and Morgan Pettibone. She was a tom-boy most of her life, but she recently began to reveal what a lovely young woman she was. In the process she turned a few heads. She is very stubborn and daddy's little girl. She loves her family, but yearns to experience the world. Izzy will probably marry Felix King.


Cecily King (Harmony Cramp):

Cecily King is the youngest daughter of Alec and Janet King. She is the sister of Felicity King-Pike, Felix King, and Daniel King. She is a mild, gentle young woman. A few years ago she was stricken with tuberculosis. She remained in a sanitarium for about a year and then the disease was pronounced dormant. She came back with much more spunk. She would love to remain on the King Farm the rest of her life.

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